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Why you need the right Construction card?

Are you a construction worker or looking to work in the construction industry? Have you heard of a Construction card?
The Construction card is a safety card that intends to keep construction workers and construction sites safe in the United Kingdom(UK). It also helps in the effective running of such sites.
Construction card ensures that construction sites are safe places to work and maintain high standards. If you are a construction worker, you will know that most contractors and building companies need a Construction card before allowing you on their site. However, it’s not mandatory for construction workers to have a Construction card.
Construction card is physical proof of your correct qualifications and training to work and perform tasks safely on-site. It ensures improved safety standards across the construction sector, reducing casualties and injuries.

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Why do you need a Construction Card?

Construction Helps is a one-stop solution for a successful career in the construction sector. We offer all types of Construction Cards. Green Labourer Construction Card is the first card to enter a construction site.
If you want to work in the construction sector, you need a Construction Card. Here are the reasons why you need the card:

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What are the benefits of passing the Construction Test?

There are a lot of benefits to passing a Construction Test and obtaining the Construction Card. Some of them include:
  • Construction Card Is Considered A Proof Of Construction Qualification – It Proves That You Are A Competent Individual In Your Area Of Expertise Based On The CSCS Card Color.
  • Opens Up New Opportunities – Many Construction Companies Want Contractors With Construction Cards. The Card Proves Their Health And Safety Knowledge And Qualifications For The Job

How to apply for a Construction Card?

First, decide which color of Construction card you need for your occupation and level of training. Here are all the available cards: